Gabe Gabrielson

Associate Broker, B.S.E.E., US Veteran

eXp Realty in New Hampshire

About Gabe Gabrielson

About GABE With nearly 20 years in the industry, Gabe’s real estate career began in the high-intensity and high-volume market of California’s Silicon Valley. He repeatedly was among the top 10% of producers in one of the top 10 real estate agencies in the nation. This experience, Gabe’s extensive knowledge of luxury real estate, coupled with his local upbringing and familiarity with the area, makes him ideally suited to the markets he serves. In a former life, Gabe was Director of Engineering at a leading-edge consulting firm. His attention to detail, hunger for data and research, project management and analysis skills give him an exclusive edge in the world of home buying and selling, providing insight other agents may lack. But, before he was ever a real estate broker, Gabe was a client sitting on the other side of the table. “I’ve been there – I’ve been there when my agent wouldn’t listen to me. I’ve been there when my agent wouldn’t call me back. I’ve been there when they showed me homes I didn’t want, and I’ve been there when they tried to push me into decisions I wasn’t ready to make. These experiences allow me to better understand what my clients are going through.” Gabe provides each and every one of his clients the assurance that they’re working with an expert who will listen first and fully understand their needs and expectations. Gabe’s diverse knowledge of real estate, lending, business, construction, and finance position him to be a uniquely qualified partner with his clients. “I’m not here to manipulate clients into one decision or another, or convince them they want something they don’t. I want to help my clients realize what it is they do want, and when that is established, I’ll make sure they get it. I’m here to build life-long relationships!” Everyone knows that there is far more to being a REALTOR than just helping clients buy or sell a home. The true mettle of an agent is forged during the transaction process – attending and supervising all inspections, spotting contract loopholes, watching out for each and every client’s best interests as if they were his own. Read the reviews and client testimonies on my website — they speak for themselves. If you are looking for a trusted advisor and advocate who will be handling your most valuable asset as if it were his own, then Gabe is the right agent for you. You’ll have a hard time finding anyone who will work harder on your behalf. Born and raised in New England, Gabe is a U.S. Veteran, Electrical Engineer and a true New Englander at heart – friendly, down-to-earth, and the quintessential do-it-yourselfer! When not assisting clients, Gabe is probably in the garage building new furniture for his wife, cycling, scuba diving, or playing with his two boys.

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